Reviews for "Robo-Party 2010"

Let's go the party !!!

man this is fuckin' awesome !! :D robot day is rrrrreally great ! lol a robot can smoking !! X) pegoshoooo your awesooooome !!!!!! X3

thats real slick mate!

i meant it!

Waat a pity being late u_u

Great Composition colors and design overall : D
Maybe a lyl contrast between guitar and robochik waist.

Awesome overall indeed

^^ lets party

A party is only complete...

with Daft Punk. Hehe, still, great illustration. Fantastic effects.


Very interesting style of art.

Unfortunately, the thumbnail made me think that this was something else entirely. xD

Pegosho responds:

Haha, then the thumbnail fulfilled its purpose. ;)