Reviews for "Raspberry Jam"


I totally made a song that sounded just like this on rockband except i think it was better. I'm glad somebody else uses the southern rock organ on the guitar.

RyanTime2 responds:

Are you saying I stole this track? >:C ANyways.. wheres yours?

Pretty cool.

I think this track should be put into classic rock, but whatever. Some of these melodies I've heard before. Though they were different notes. Still, it's a pretty awesome track. I'm gonna go download it!

RyanTime2 responds:

Alright, one more comment of classic rock, I'll move it, kay? ;)


HOW did you record ur instruments? if they're not live, i kill you....even if they aren't....HOLY CRAP. i like. i wouldve appreciated more work in the drum section, but i can deal with that. NICE JOB.

RyanTime2 responds:

Heh. :D Thanks for the review, si this thing weeklied?

Nice One & Well Done!

I really like this song. Well played, written and all that stuff. Its the kind of song that you play in the background while your surfing the net or working at home, ya know what I mean? Thats not a bad thing btw. 5/5 and can you guess how many stars???


RyanTime2 responds:

10 :DDDDDDDD Thanks! Yeah, I do love playing this song at home. Nice Review.


Finally another GB person in this damn place lol i liked it :)

RyanTime2 responds:

Garage Band! Hell yeah! But I use FL sometimes. :O