Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

Smooth and enjoyable

Really smooth flowing song. Would have liked the song to be a bit longer though. But really lovely tune. Reallly relaxing. Reminded me of movies such as Casablanca, Dial m for murder etc Cheers

Pretty cool.

It sort of made me imagine a old fashion movie where a guy just got dumped by his girl or something and then he takes that dreaded walk outside with his head down thinking what went wrong in his life. Like he had died inside. I also see it being in some sort of black and white movie. To bad it couldn't of been a bit longer though.


Ow yea,...

Good old blues,...
I listen to all type of music that I like, there is no type i like the most, but for a blues I always had a big credit B)
I enjoied it, good work !
5 and 10*
PS: streetbob had a point ;) "like Cowboy Bepop"

My mom loved the blues when she was alive.

This reminds me of Cowboy Bebop a little.

nice job!

sounds sexy, cutieface call me