Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""


I like this song. Me, I find that it is blues. No? It is very nice, I like piano!


It was okay. The song was really nice but the piana was mechanical. People who are real musicians make sure that it isn't. People can play an instument but they aren't musicians if they play without putting their heart into it. Great job, but no heart.


I can hear the 'Blues' element in it.
This is definitely a song I would be listening to when I just want that last cup of death at a Bar.
Thanks, this has really opened my eyes. (No I'm not going to commit suicide lol)


We´ll never be able to overcome our musician phase. Never ever.
This clip is so naïve that becomes something flamingly awesome.
The tune is fuckin´catchy and you can find yourself humming or singing it loudly without realising.
Sir, you´ve created a Monster. A Glorious One.

adompeace responds:

haha thanks, man!


I loved the rhytem ,that is all.