Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""


Iono what the dude down there is talking about not hearing the blues.
This IS the blues, and its beautiful. The flourish at 0:10 put a knowing smile on my face, heh. That was some song, man!

Long live minor blues! Try and get some really classic stuff in there:

ii7(b5) - V7(b9) - i(Ma7)

Its the classic minor 2-5-1, but use it when you are modulating between chords in minor blues, you will cry listening to it, lol. It's amazing. I ought to record some of my jazz stuff. :p

great song

i luv'd the song it had the feel of blues but with a different sound to it
really unique and inspirational

Beautiful song

Finally something a little different from other songs. Good job man. Keep it up.

i can hear it, but not feel it

well. i love blues.. and it expresses a certain.. sadness.
your song just doesn't seem to give me that message.. I'm sorry.

yet still i'll give you a 7.. cause my old man plays music, and so i know its hard to create music from scratch.
this 7 is to show you my deepest respect for what you try.
keep it up man.. the world needs artists


i dont normally listen much to blues but i this i liked