Reviews for "The Coming of Megaman"


Wow thats accually pretty funny but the robot voices got a little annoying after a while. Maybe its just me...Probably, anyway good job.

well thats a differnt look at it

You never got to see what its like for te bad guys untill now. And that would suck to have mega man coming and you know it and then not having legs. But its really funny and the end is a nice touch.

u the man

keep up the good work this sht is the pwnage

It's a rare thing that makes me laugh out loud.

You seem to have the gift... It's hard for me to find things that I find truly funny anymore, but this flash wins the prize!

"Prepare to die Mega*****!!!"

Omg that was funny. "Do you think we should run?" "We don't have legs. Damn that Dr. Wily..." "Oh...Right" Omg thats priceless! Make more!