Reviews for "The Coming of Megaman"

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nice work, but i think you should ahve used another Megaman sprite. cause that one that u used. hes gun arm looks like a fucking dildo. but by the way, the vocies was decent but i think you should move away from the mic a little and the other guy. you could have done this a little better, you was a little lazy.
well keep ut the good work
oh and by the way, on your site. and can´t post in the forum. it juust shos me erroers.

Vazz responds:

You have to sign up and be logged in to post in my forums.


It was nice ot see a megaman parody that was based on the real old school megaman games rather than the newer ones. The nostalgia value and increased uniqueness made it a much more enjoyable sprite movie. Very nice job with this.


hes kills megaman in the end

Good work.

I liked that a lot. I always feel a lot of sympathy for the little bad guys in games. Great ending.

The blue droid's voice is sexay!

Good job Vazz, hopefully you'll get another award for this ;)

Vazz responds: