Reviews for "The Coming of Megaman"

TO the last reviewer:

It works fine. It might just probably be your computer. But of course it doesn't mean you can post such a review.

Aw, come on now!!!!!!

Okay man, usually i give good reviews. Not this time. WHY THE HECK WONT IT STINKIN LOAD?!!!!!?????? Seriously, its like this:

__________________2 seconds later_____

hahaha :-)

haha, those robots are idiots. 'hey yur not supposed 2 move', hilarious man

Megaman is cool

Enemy robots are idiots

OMG DIE megaman hahahaahahahahaah! Lol

Graphics-As i've already said, i like sprites
Style-Ummm, very... origanal...
Sound-Just one problem, when the mettaur says "i'll hide under
this helmet, it comes out as "ifgammunja hidmelmefjdkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa!"
Violence-I like the way megaman go BANG lol
Interactivity-I laughed, THATS interactive enough for me!
Humor- It was not funny... nope... no.... no... HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH
Overall- Really good SOOO FUNNY! add more enemies next time
though :3