Reviews for "The Coming of Megaman"

not too bad

works for me... WOOHOO! ... oops

Makes Sense to me.

It was funny. I guess that was the hidden reason I was temped to kill all of the enemies I have intutition XD

Rock on! but...

I really widh that Mettaur didn't die. Oh, well... Excellent flash, anyway.


I love this sumbmission so much! The reploids/mechaniloids/"robots"
(I prefer the more Megaman X term) act like idiots!
Little Blue Dude: Please don't kill me! I don't want to work for Dr. Wily anymore!
Megaman:Okay, I won't kill you.
You involve humor...hidden humor. You need to understand it before it becomes funny.


that was good but no more megaman would kinda suck