Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

-__- hmmmm..

sounds like a strip club kinda

Great Pick

One of my favorite songs from S3&K on a remix!!!.... nice job

Excellent :D

SegaSonic Radio's Host BlitzChris here.

Its a shame you've got idiots (refer to some of the below reviews) that do not understand how remixing works. Its about altering or recreating a piece of music you hold dear, interpretting it in your own personal way. I believe this is an excellent remix, and I look forward to more in the future.

To critique, my only suggestion is that the rising stream that starts at 1:25 be lowered a touch in volume, as its high frequency begins to dominate later in the piece.


Wicked Cool

I feel like you could have used a couple different instruments I don't know, tried to give it more of a serious, harder core effect, but otherwise damn near perfect, probably my favorite Sonic level / tracks of all time, and you did a VERY good job ermastering it.


but i still prefer the original :D