Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

ah the memories...

reminds me of when i destroyed eggamns ship, then the giant robot

To those who want to hear the original music in the actual game:
simply collect all chaos emeralds (so you can become Super Sonic) then destroy eggman in the Death Egg (after he tries to escape from the structure which is falling apart)
sonic then jumps straight into the next zone, the Doomsday Zone

That is the beat of the Doomsday Zone!

Really fantastic man! You have done a great job, also your abilities for musics are superb. Man! This is REALLY adictive! YAAAHOOOO!

EliteFerrex responds:

Thanks; I'm glad you enjoyed it! I do lots of Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, and Megaman songs, so if you like those, stay tuned! =)


(= lolololol

Great remix!!!

This is a great remix. Period. This makes you feel like you could take on an entire fleet of the Eggman Mechas without breaking a sweat. I used to play S3&K just to hear this song, but I'll be tuning here from now on. Awesome job!!!


This music is soooooooooo good! It was a fun level, too!