Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

u did good

forget what anime-ninja said, this song is awesome

Good, great, and satisfying.

It seems that Doomsday Zone has only become popular after Super Mario Bros. Z 6 came out. It in no way is as good as Alvin-Earthworm's remix, but then again, what remix is? Nice job.


No offence, but I thought it was a bit too quiet compared to the original. That might have been your intention, I dunno.

Pretty good..

awhole lot different then most of the remixes ive listened to of doomsday zone, but thats what i like about it. especially it bein quiet in some spots where in the original it was loud like sirens constantly, nice touch though, 10/10 and 5/5, keep it up.


that a realy nice remix you got there