Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

Excellent :D

SegaSonic Radio's Host BlitzChris here.

Its a shame you've got idiots (refer to some of the below reviews) that do not understand how remixing works. Its about altering or recreating a piece of music you hold dear, interpretting it in your own personal way. I believe this is an excellent remix, and I look forward to more in the future.

To critique, my only suggestion is that the rising stream that starts at 1:25 be lowered a touch in volume, as its high frequency begins to dominate later in the piece.


Um... wow.

Has anyone here even listened to the original song? Seriously, this remix is horrible. I've listened to the track from the game COUNTLESS times, and I can do the entire thing from start to end and keep looping it I've played Doomsday Zone so much. It was my favorite level and had the best music of any Genesis Sonic game (though S3&K's music just straight up rocked, period).

I'm sorry but there is A LOT of substance missing from this remix and... ugh. It's just horrid. I'm sorry to be mean, but it is horrid. If you want a good remix, go listen to what Project Chaos has done; save for maybe three or four songs, those tracks are golden.

Again, sorry, but not all remixes are good. Very few out of the enormous pile of remixes are. I give a two for effort. Would have been a three, but this song just ruins it...

And a side note to Mizuchiro, yes Alvin DID remix the song (in a sense). If you listen it's the opening of the original track then it goes to that of Project Chaos. I suppose it's more of a splicing than a remix, but eh. Oh well.

Not even close.

What is this song doing?! I'm rating a 2.

Great Pick

One of my favorite songs from S3&K on a remix!!!.... nice job

Good but not the best

SuperDuperPooperMan: Alvin didn't remixed that. it was the work of Chaos Project