Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

LOVED that level

i would always go to that boss fight so i can hear the song, i would even challene myself on that level, like wait till i have only 15-20 rings left then fight, or somthing to that effect.
but anyway this is a great song u remixed

Nice remix

It gets you pumped up for some reason. And that is why I like it. Good job!

Nice remix, sorry about the idiots 3 below

Downloaded coz its awesome

Great remix!!!

This is a great remix. Period. This makes you feel like you could take on an entire fleet of the Eggman Mechas without breaking a sweat. I used to play S3&K just to hear this song, but I'll be tuning here from now on. Awesome job!!!

Pretty neat. Don't stop.

I agree with noslien9o, but only the remixing part.
I always enjoy new sounds of music to the old games I played.
Keep up tne nice work.