Reviews for "Doomsday Zone"

ah the memories...

reminds me of when i destroyed eggamns ship, then the giant robot

To those who want to hear the original music in the actual game:
simply collect all chaos emeralds (so you can become Super Sonic) then destroy eggman in the Death Egg (after he tries to escape from the structure which is falling apart)
sonic then jumps straight into the next zone, the Doomsday Zone


Why are you guys reading this?? Oh yeah, you're probably listening to this at the same time... well, keep listening, this is so cool!

Always great! And thanks

Thanks for the request I listened to it all yesterday and i still love it, I'm gonna use this on the final grand battle of my series

I hear this all the time on that game

I cheated to get to it though ;)

EliteFerrex responds:

I've done it too; no worries. Just make sure you get there on your own at least once. XD


i like it although i never really heard this sonic tune