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Reviews for "Spongebob- The Fun Song"

That was good.....

....but not as good as the one on the show.

Agreed with the last guy.

It's a good movie and all, but it bothers me that they don't blink or have any facial expression... That would make it so much better... Y'know, if Bob narrowed his eyes once in a while when Plankton started talking about bombs and stuff...

(( F-U-N ))

lol this was fun and funny haha, no but really good little song, the characters were perfect and so was the recorded audio, you could have had some nore animation like have sponge bob walk around and such, besides that it was F-U-N.

Add some more animation to the characters

Funny fun song with spongbob.



A fun song indeed! Graphics are a bit simple and nopt very thoroughly done, but everything fitse nicely with the song, so I can't complain about that. Keep up the good work!


i'd join plankton

did he say uranium? under the ocean. a single cell with nuclear arms holy crap forget iran get plankton!