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Reviews for "Spongebob- The Fun Song"

nice spongebob cartoon

but all they do is stand there... heh

Eh, its pretty good.

A little bit more animation thrown in would make this perfect.

I love Spongebob But....

I really like spongebob, and i use to like this song, until they played the episode a million times over and over again, i gave this a seven cause i like the new approach (Fact:this was illegal becuase you didn't cite any of the references, or give any credit to nickelodeon.)

and i wanted to comment on one of the reviews, Guyonng's to be exact, anyone who even closely Relates Spongebob squarepants to Barney, is simply absurd, And sure as heck has never seen Spongebob Squarepants and probably knows more about Barney, if they can try and relate it.


wasnt really nsync...and well the drawings were really sketchy in the fact that they were just line drawings...and well its a song thats already done and pretty simple to do already so i would say that it could have of definitely been done better artwise so yea not too great but could have been worse


It was good and all, and the pics were good. But Spongebob is one gay show...There I said it..