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Reviews for "Spongebob- The Fun Song"


i am not the biggest spongebob fan, but the show where this was played was alot funnier. This has ok drawing and ok animation, but coulda been alot better.

So hey...Not bad :-D

Anyways I won't say thats really great or anything for these reasons...Liven up the Characters and then really give a tad bit of Lip Sync. That's all otherwise it was cool with the chalk board effects I mean hey where can ya go wrong with that? Anyways, next time have better luck not saying that you didn't do a pretty well done job just a lil more work next time :-D So have a great time with future Flash animations and have fun here at the one and only Newgrounds.com!


cool, but the homie spong head don't move

cool, but sponge should move not some stupid board

IrMyke responds:

im a amatuer... hey maybe he should! maybe not i dont know im cool *sly face*

wasnt 2 good gd graphics i think!

yer, it was ok!
i think u could do better with the graphics, like, i dunno!
gd try though!


this was OK, not exactly what i call a 5 but not something i'd blam

overall: 3/5