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Reviews for "Spongebob- The Fun Song"


it was all right hey how bout u make a whole planton version where he turns sponge bob evil....

cool, but the homie spong head don't move

cool, but sponge should move not some stupid board

IrMyke responds:

im a amatuer... hey maybe he should! maybe not i dont know im cool *sly face*


great reinacment ofthe song i hope youll do more spongbob sogs!

IrMyke responds:

THANKS!, i might just do that...knowing me i wont ha!

Spongebob Shits anus

I hate spongebob He's an asshole I hate that yellow peice of trash Can't you make a parody to kill him only retarts like him sorry but that's a fact I know what you think but c'mon grow up cartoons are crappy childhood stuff No really grow up I know don't respond back!!

IrMyke responds:

i bet your a yellow piece of trash to!

thats right i went there


Cool idea. Loved it. Keep up the good work.

IrMyke responds:

thank you, ^_^