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Reviews for "Spongebob- The Fun Song"


I realy enjoyed watching it

wasnt 2 good gd graphics i think!

yer, it was ok!
i think u could do better with the graphics, like, i dunno!
gd try though!


This wasn't that impressive. There was very little animation. The lip syncing was really bad and spongebob could have moved/changed facial expressions. Other than that there really wasn't a whole lot to this flash to give it a good score. Good song though.

Spongebob is a homosexual.

I hate him, but I'm giving you a 10 because you hate him too!

What the Hell...

What the Hell,i'm just going to say that the graphics were good and the sound was good there done easy simple!

PS:I don't know why i'm putting 5 on humour mabay cause it's so weird!!