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Reviews for "Showgirl"

Magnificant piece

How did you make this??? It's amazing.

HimoruStar responds:

I made this with photoshop only. I didn't use any rough draft on paper or anything.


I really love what you've done here.

The color scheme is great, the lines are bold and the composition is really striking. Her expression is superb, I love the exaggerated features you've drawn, it gives her face a lot of character without falling into a cartoony or anime look.

Really well done! =]

Wow, 70s funkadelic!

I love the pelicans in the background. :D Nice touch.

HimoruStar responds:

Thank you! :)

70s feel.

Very retro looking but quite modern. :D Love it!! x

HimoruStar responds:

Thanks :D


I absolutely agree with johnnyrocket.
PLEASE make this print available in a t shirt!