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Reviews for "Showgirl"


fucking awsome as hell


Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl~

Where did you get the inspiration for this? Because it reminded me of ' Copacabana ', some song about a showgirl in Havana.

HimoruStar responds:

I actually was inspired by afros and the color of yellow flowers. An afro is something that I'm growing out now, so I'm really into the afro thing. The beauty of afros is something that I wanted to express along with bright colors.

Wow, 70s funkadelic!

I love the pelicans in the background. :D Nice touch.

HimoruStar responds:

Thank you! :)


I really love what you've done here.

The color scheme is great, the lines are bold and the composition is really striking. Her expression is superb, I love the exaggerated features you've drawn, it gives her face a lot of character without falling into a cartoony or anime look.

Really well done! =]

Magnificant piece

How did you make this??? It's amazing.

HimoruStar responds:

I made this with photoshop only. I didn't use any rough draft on paper or anything.