Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

From Worf:

Stay away from my girl or things are going to get ugly around here!

My thoughts on that: "Things already are. You, and your girlfriend."

Funny as heck, but likeness could have been improved, and alot of the paths were way too easy to figure out.
Oh, and putting the option for the dude vs data was like pitting an amature wrestler against Chuck Norris. P

I don`t like it

This is my personal opinion but this game isn`t that great. I mean there is no real plot to it and there is only three possible outcomes. The dialogue needs to be fixed so that is doesn`t sound so horrible. It could have been better

Damn you!!

How could you mangle Star Trek?! Kill Riker?!?!?!
@$$0 The captain APPROVES?!?!?!

too nerdy for my taste

you clearly like star trek and thats fine but i couldnt give a damn...

So offensive :P