Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

That was kinda fun

well the whole halodeck thing was creepy but the rest of the game was fun i hope to see more of these games in the future

it was ok

not the best game but it was fun

it's ok but needs work

how about trying to make the game so you can actually walk around and the ending u atually see and all and like a first person shooter

JeremyLokken responds:

Originally, I made the star trek game so where the viewer could explore the ship on their own, find characters to talk to at different locations, and interact with the characters a little better, but it was taking way too long to complete.

Kudos to the "choose your own adventure" genre. There should be more games like this...

I admit that I'm not into these kinds of games. I am quite impressed by the animation. I mean, it's really well detailed. It just does look kind of weird. It's nice to have a distinct style. You might want to change your avatar soon.

I never really thought he was that funny to begin with. The sounds are pretty nice. It's just hard for me to get so absorbed in this. I'm not that familiar with the new generation. It's nice to learn about it, I guess.