Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

Please make one from Classic Trek!!

This game is funny as hell! How about making one using Kirk's Enterprise? How about using The characters from Enterprise? Y'know, Captain Archer? Then there's Voyager, DS9. Oh the things you could do with 7 of 9!!! This game is fantastic. As you can tell, it's left me fiending like a junkie!

*still pissing my pants*


Oh my Goddess, that was fucking hilarious! I'm gonna go play it again!!

-- Kitty

Fucking awesome game

all around 10s and vote five


this is a great all around game. Im glad to see more greatness. Fun game and a great idea. nice sound gameplay and controls. I hope to see more


Mannnnn you are the greatest

Just when I think sloth TV is the best I've ever seen You make this ! I am blowen away. I am a huge fan of the goonies and star trek! I love this I love picard and the ending rules! Riker was such a bastard. Im glad the drugs were acid! Man I love this game so much! I give all your movies a 5 becuase they are the best ever. I can't wait for more sloth TV and you definitly have a hit with A cadets adventure!

Only suggestions I can make is to have more music and voice clips from star trek. Keep up the good work man!