Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

A +

Very good man, i am not at all a Trekie but i loved this game, it was fun and i loved that planet of the apes game so this was very refreshing, i gave you a ten because you desrved it, the graphics were good, the sound, not that great, the interactivity okay but could have had more choices but i understand it may have been hard to do this, and the story was very good, the way you are a cadet, maybe you should make another one where you're something else like a janitor or something, do they even have janitors on the Enterprise?? see, i know almost nothin about Star Trek... by the way, i beat the game...

This so Rocks

This was one of the best games I've ever played on newgrounds. I guess it helps that I'm a big Star Trek fan. The syle was great and you obviously put a lot of effort into it. I like how you took clips from the show instead of doing voice acting. Fantastic!


I never liked star trek...but after this game i hate it...poo of the year


Oh man, that was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Man that was messed up with Data and Geordi, and that was great with Data and Dr. Crusher. I'm stilling laughing from Riker and his beard ahahahahahaha.......

Amazingly funny

Great game. I loved the diffrent ways you made fun of everybody. Lol. I just couldn't beat the fucking thing. Dude, come on gimme a hint!