Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

Bah hahahahahahahhaha

i kept laughing through the whole thing

Wow, and I thought Kirk was horney!

Very interesting gameplay. It's like if Benny Hill was a Star Trek fan and wrote Choose your own adventure books, this is what we'd get. Hilarious!

Damn you!!

How could you mangle Star Trek?! Kill Riker?!?!?!
@$$0 The captain APPROVES?!?!?!


that was so much fun....trial and error was never this fun!!

hah nice choice of quotes


This game is excellent! It reminds me of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books. And you really nailed the personalities of the Enterprise crew. I only wish there was an option to kick Wesley Crusher's ass. Anyway, I hope you make a sequel!