Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

I never knew...

I never knew how much fuckin fun the enterprise really freakin is!!!! HAHAHAHAHA...This changes the concept of Star Trek for me entirely around! I loved this game I loved ape high-school and this game especcially I loved the work the detail smoothness the hilarious backround noises the people made! Hahahaha! I loved killing Ryke and altogether the entire thing! It was hella fun and just like...Wow. Great job and have a fantastic time making future Flash animations and here at Newgrounds.com!


This just is the best..

Like i said anything star trek and this goes in the top spot in my favorites..Great job.


i fucked riker up with that acid. Fun game.

10 without a doubt

Shiiiit, I never give stuff a 10 usually but that was one of the funniest thigns I have seen on the net for a long time! Some real classy work and I hope you do much, much more of it.

Your site is in my fav's now permanently!

Funny stuff

This game rules. Even still... some of that stuff isn't right. I laughed, I cried, I totally called Riker B****.