Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

Best Star Trek Game



Dude what kind of sick freak are you? I could understand your obession with troi and even the bit about data and the docter but wtf geordie and data??? did you think up the idea of them being homos or something .... your sick I am surprised oyu didnt have it so you ended up with the alien freak it would comee in line with what a weirdo you were already with thee data and geordie bit


I BEAT the game it was funny and i liked it u deserve my 5 ;)


HEy you gotta make more of these star trek things, its the funniest stuff i have ever seen. i'd give it more ratings if i could


That was one of the funniest games ever... Remind me of the games on the romp. I lmao when Geordi and Data tried to release some stress or whatever.. lol