Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"


this may well be a light in the newgrounds home page heck give it a 4


Wow nice! That was probably one of the best games I've seen on here. Hope you make more!

Im not a trekkie

So i didnt like it all that much ;)

Definitely the best Star Trek game!

I love choose-your-own-adventure games, and this is one of the best I've ever played. I can tell that you don't like Riker very much, but he is also my least favorite character of Star Trek NG. To all those who review bad: This is a parody and should not be taken too seriously, even if your favorite character is gay, gets killed or is a slut.


WUT THE HELL IS WRONG WIT U MAN DATA AND GEORDI U got to be kiddin me yuor wacked