Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"


Good make more and make them longer

Is there a sequel

Cuase there should be.

Fairly good

This is a good animation. Good way to promote people to join the evil Trekies. I my self am a bit trekie. The thing that would realy help this out is more sound bytes and more personallities.

Hoo-Hah! Fun!

Nifty choose your own adventure style with 'Trek characters in a perverse version of the Enterprise-D. It's just crazy enough to be fun. My first attempt got my head knocked off and shot into space, I don't know if my corpse was molested or not, second was a throwaway-Riker tossed me in the brig for my potty-mouth, but the final go saw me as hero of the day with Troi and a bevy of cadet hotties at my command with Picard's congratulations. A fun game that may merit further playing. Good work.

I just wish I'd had an option for the holodeck sequence with Geordi and Data labeled:"Run like hell and don't look back!".


Not brilliant, but still worth the few minutes to kill. A couple of laughs in there, a Trek fan would definately get a laugh and anyone else might get the references.