Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"


took me awhile to figure out how to beat it,in the end..it was worth it...alot of fun.sort of like the negotionator games but simpliar.umm...seriously,if it was me..i would do the clingon lady, green skinned lady AND dat fine ass bitch i stole from the beard obcessed guy.-atompluspack

not good enough

this game was good.. but too repetitive. it needs more reactions and one or two different endings. It was short and pointless, all you get at the end is a bunch of credits.. good job asshole.

It's pretty damn good

I dunno exactly what the problem is with the guy before me, I'm a treky and I loved it. Well, I guess you have to have a sence of humor first.

WORST. Star Trek game. ever.

Alright, I don't mean to sound abusive. as I can see a lot of people seem to like this game. Well, let me be specific about what I thought of it.

To begin with, the graphics were okay. For Flash graphics, they're actually very good representations of the crew, the controls, the ship... and just about everything. Good graphics.

As for the sound... well, I dunno. Frankly I didn't dare turn the sound on.

Now we get to the worst of it. The game itself. I usually like these "choose-your-response" games; it's nice to see the other character's different reactions. Only in this case, no matter what you choose, it won't get you a different ending. You make your way through the game and either get holed up in the brig, have your head ripped off and thrown into space, or make it to the end and see the credits roll. Big whoop. There aren't even any alternate endings! If you actually MAKE it to the end, Riker is "severely disfigured," and Deanna is pretty much ready to make out with you. Very unimaginative.

Then, there were the scenes that I'm not even going to mention... let's just say that portraying Data and Jordy as homosexuals has no appeal to the Trekkie crowd.

All in all, the game needs more. More plot twists, more alternate paths, more alternate endings. As it is, I frankly think it deserves no higher than a 2.

If there was ever a funny star trek parody

This would be it! Man that was so funny! Man I would love to be on that star ship Enterprise. And Data fucking Dr. Crusher? ha ha ha keep up the good work. mabye next you can make one of star trek Voyeger.