Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

I knew something was funny!

I knew there was something more between Geordi and Data! AS A REWARD INDEED!

Lookin' real good !

I love pick-your-own-path games !
This was EXCELLENT !

Look, you're a very talented artist. With some of the other parodies that you've done, do you think you could make a pick-your-own-path for some more classic genre like Matrix, Old Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario Bros., or Megaman ?

Give it some thought.
Really do appreciate the work you put into this !



god i loved that ending with the music from that episode where Spock and Kirk have to fight to the death... god i laughed like hell in that part...haha...l33t shieet


I only recently got my account so im kinda wrighting out to all the games i saw were good, this one included. If ur a die hard STNG fan, who knows how to speak fluently in klingon, constructed ur own phaser, and imagine ur captain pricard all day... maybe u won't like this. But for all of u who just like to hear a good laugh, this will be funny.


If you Like STNG you'll love this and even if you don't you'll still wet yourself, I know I did.(Love it not wet myself...Although).