Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"

Kudos to the "choose your own adventure" genre. There should be more games like this...

I love this game, the branching storylines are great.

Awesome wouldn't expect it to be that hard though but I do love choice making game:
overall rating 10/10 5stars 100% favourite part killing Riker I would really recomend this because it's so badass plus it would make an awesome paradoy of star trek.

Sorry if I spelt some words wrong peace out bros.

this is one seriously f**** up game; I luv

nothing beats instigating TNG star trek figures and finding new ways to die lol. But the jokes here are OMG funny as hell. I like the sequel a lil better but only cus you don't get sodomized by data lol

this is hilarious!

lost it when you slap will