Reviews for "Uss Enterprise: A Cadet's"


So this was nice I like the game here and you seem to always make great games as this was a really great game and had some fun it this very amusing aswell you made it very entertaining I'm not even sure what I would improve on this game it has it all from good gameplay to good graphics and some entertaining factor here but anyways this was notbad hope you make more soon

As mentioned just above and does not need any changes


Holy shit, took me 14 years and now I finally completed it.

I admit that I'm not into these kinds of games. I am quite impressed by the animation. I mean, it's really well detailed. It just does look kind of weird. It's nice to have a distinct style. You might want to change your avatar soon.

I never really thought he was that funny to begin with. The sounds are pretty nice. It's just hard for me to get so absorbed in this. I'm not that familiar with the new generation. It's nice to learn about it, I guess.

nice nice im your new fan

So offensive :P