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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

That sucked

How the hell did THAT make the front page. That sucked ass. I didnt find anything about that movie funny, and anyone who did, is a retard.

Not funny.

I liked the style of animation and the graphics were damn good ,but the voices of the characters and sense of humor involved got on my nerves.Like I said great animation,it's just not my style of humor.

What a pile-o-crap

If you're thinking about watching this DON'T DO IT!!!!
Ok, I'm sorry, but I couldn't even sit through 30 seconds of that crap. The animations were mediocre, the color scheme was piss poor, and as soon as they started talking i wanted to kill the voice actors. Please, who ever did those voices should never ever ever be allowed to act ever again, for the safety of the free world.

Dead Links Suck - BLAM!

So does Pay-Per-View, IMHO. Again, delete these entries...quit leaving "movie retired" POS files all over Newgrounds.


it seemed good cause of that reveiw crew pick its not even there (by the way how many people are in the crew)