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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"


Well this is awsome very nice music and the animation and storline/ideas were great keep up the great flash movies!

Mexican prisons are weak, man.

Hey Yo!
No wonder there's so many lawbreakers in Mexico.
Funny and crazy with a good play on words.
I can imagine it now:
Goatse presents: "The Donkey Show" starring Kook's Ass.
Tickets: $5.00
"Burrito": Free
Laughs: Priceless.


Of course this is good, look at the title. Anything from jaydonaldson is simply amazing. Check this flash out if you havent already. Love your work jay! haha "why is kook smoking the burrito"

Great work.

Loved the first one "Clown Tech Support" was just too funny, and his one rocked as well. LOL. The ass rocks for sure! Hee! ^^

Hope to see more!

Great movie.

Newgrounds must be running slow today or something, because that took forever to load on broadband.

Anyway, very amusing, very advanced piece of work. Funny as heck too.