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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"


Life in a Mexican Prison, lmao, great idea. Great graphics, smooth animation and a plot funnier than ever. Keep it going!



But the ass-donkey joke was predictable...

Kook's ass - will hook you up

Lol I love this. Appearantly the wrestler pic in the backround is someone important. I dont really know. But I loved this. Make more kegel and put it on newgrounds. EEEELLLLLLL CCCAAAMMMEEEENNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Nice you had Strong Bad in the back round!

swoot! idiot message leavers suck!

dude that was pretty wicked. as for the toher dude, if he is gonna freak over that i hope i can see his face when he watches the other stuff on this site. hell he shouldnt BE on this site, lol.
good job, i love it (like all kegel cartoons) but i like the beginings where he does the "k to the e to the g to the e to the l thats me thats kegel!". makes me laugh every time! (yes i am simple minded and easily ammused.) make more! wee!