Reviews for "RobotDay2010"

Mmmm .......

Venom:- "I would definitely fuck her"

artisticly good, dangerously close to somthing.

could you please do something to suggest the robot is modest?

CosmicDeath responds:

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. She's a robot, what is there to be modest about? There is no sign of nipples or genitalia. I'm not going to alter my artwork because you are a prude, furthermore it is a non-issue because there is no nudity in this image.

The human form is amazing. In art throughout history there has been the basic human figure; portrayed in it's awesome, purest form. Uncluttered by the wears of the era, timeless and perfect in the flow of muscle and bone and skin. It is something to be celebrated, embraced, rejoiced over and appreciated for the incredible organic machine that it is.

Question: Would you berate the Venus De Milo because you fear nudity? Feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss further.


This is just absolutely amazing. My breath was taken away.

What is beauty?

Perhaps a commentary on the distance between the appreciation of nature and the advancing technology society seemingly thirsts for and embraces.

Ah, wow!

Dude...that's beautiful.