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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"


nice i love the old school music especially mario
just like the othere responses old school can never die

CrazyCookie responds:

But doesn't everyone deep down inside? :D


reminds me of old days :)

CrazyCookie responds:

Yep. Thanks for the review.

Like the theme cause it remind me old school...

I love it. It remind me old school man. I thank you for it. ^-^ Old school can't die. No matter how much best game out there or graphic wise, you can't put down old school! :D

CrazyCookie responds:

Indeed, CrazieQuad.


Good old times.

I remember this Audio's part in the Biggest Video Game collab, and the good Reception it got. I like how You have altered it, to make it to your Whim, yet still made it Recognisable as one of the Biggest Video Game songs ever. My Favourite part of this Song is when In the middle, it suddenly changes speed and pitch. On a different note (pun intended), I liked how soft and Carefree this Is.

Overall : Nice Remix, Brings back old memories.

CrazyCookie responds:

-Shivers at the pun-

Ah, the BVG. That's done now and posted up in the Flash, if you didn't know.

Very Cool Soft Music

I like how it sounds and everything else its very cool and i'm a mario fan so I like this song alot.

CrazyCookie responds:

Thanks for the compliment and review.