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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"

Very Nice.

This is such a sweet remix of that old song. I only beat Bowser once but it worth it dammit!!!

CrazyCookie responds:

It is, indeed, gratifying to whomp his ass.


ahhh.... i feel old now. haha :D all these young kids will never understand how much these songs really mean. great to hear it again. thank you kindly for the grand remake

CrazyCookie responds:

Ya, those your whippersnappers.

-Shakes fists violently-

do do do do, dodo do dododo heh

Yay, I think it's good to hear this little tune again, I think I agree with what that fellow said that this seems similar to a tune you might hear played in a bar in the past, and maybe in the present too! who knows? Nonetheless, thank you for putting this on here, I think it was good to hear this little tune again

CrazyCookie responds:

And with some hot chick spawling herself out on top of the piano?

Uhuh. Bow chika wow wow.

Awsome NES

lol its an inside joke^^

CrazyCookie responds:


Oh wait, I'm not supposed to get it.


Thank You

For bringing back those awesome memories :D

CrazyCookie responds:

Why, you're welcome.