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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"


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CrazyCookie responds:


Still the best.

This is still the best audio on newgrounds, in my opinion. Every day I give this a 5, and I'll continue. Please, could you do this with more Nintendo songs? That'd be real nice. I especially like the change ups of the same tune, it's not all the same throughout like the rest of the audio submissions here. Fantastic job.

CrazyCookie responds:

Wow, thank you. I wouldn't say it's the best, far from it in my opinion, but it's refreshing to know someone likes this song a lot. And do what wiht more Nintendo songs? More Nintendo remixes in general or more Nintendo remixes with piano?


gives you an authentic feeling that its the end for mario! lol

CrazyCookie responds:


It's good.

The second Piano that comes in I didn't necisarily like, but it was a great song :D

CrazyCookie responds:

Hmmm, I liked that piano, actually. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion though.



Reminds me of the old Mario games I used to play and the Mario games I still play now!

CrazyCookie responds:

Indeed it does.