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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"


This sounds pretty good on a piano, get me the song sheet if you got one!

the only thing is that the song only plays on one headphone piece, maybe its mine, maybe its not, but try to find a way around that.

CrazyCookie responds:

Oh my, you're right. Well, I'll fix the problem ASAP.

EDIT: HAHA. Fix'd now.... I hope.

Very sweet.

I loved this, it is just like the actual theme which I secretly admired. I thank you for making this, I can see no areas that are of. This is very good, and complete with skill.

A save infact and perhapse a favourite. Keep up the good work.

CrazyCookie responds:

AWESOME. Thanks!

I secretly admire it as well.... Althoguh I guess it's not so secret anymore LOL.