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I don't know what to name the review.

I mean, I'm just trying to put my opinion here - but anyways.
I really like how every character here is unique in some way and how the entire picture shows how the world is going on at the same time, rather than we just watch a video about one guy doing something, then going back to the other guy but about 5 minutes earlier to catch up with the time later on.
The Easter-Eggs are easy to spot but they're also pretty damn good; All I have to say is that this is an awesome 'Motion' Picture as I like to call it because it really does look like everything is frozen like in a movie and if you press the play button - everything starts moving at the same time.

Fuck YEAH!... Wow...

"This is so great, all the little details and a great sense of humour I love it!"

"this is positively rediculous"

Very imaginative...

This is probably one of my favorites of the robot day submissions, because it's not all that fancy and polished like the others and there is so much stuff going on! :D

can i go in the party room?

well, can i?
oh, yah and great pic/art/what-ever-u-call-it but SERIOUSLY, GURL-ON-GURL ACTION HOW CAN I RESIST!

Good stuff

You know what, this is amazing!!!
Great art work around newgrounds
Love tankmen (: