Reviews for "Cayur - Better Days"

in awe once again....

Heartfelt. Very nice chord progression in the start. Extremely calm, very serene. while upfront the notes are upbeat, there is some underlying tones of sadness. Excellent choice of pads for this too- I really love the warming texture, sounds like you've got some muffled pad combined with a woodwind of sorts and some mild strings. Very visual too, it would work wonders in a scene were someone such as a father is having a flashback of their deceased wife and daughter, are playing gracefully in a field, or a vision were he's talking to his past away family in heaven. Well, that's what it reminds me of atleast anyway.

Hi hats, come in nicely, i like the panning effects and blend of experimental blends in rhtyhms. quite minimalistic too, which is great for not ruining the mood. While I do appreciate experimentation, perhaps some of the little percussion snippets were just a tad overdone, and perhaps you could have eventually built up a more steady beat, as the constant mallet percussion doesn't seem like it should be there- but at the same time I would hate to tell a musician to take something out. the track does take quite a shift when the guitars come in my opinion, but I like them more listening the third time around. very lifting melodies. Ending was done nicely too, I like how you establish a nice meld of sound and fade it out. (tho I think it would sound better without the choppy delay effect)

man, another excelllent track. loving the production from start to end once again, just keep up the good work and continue to upload more to NG! :D

sculpted-cold responds:

This one is about how much I miss Japan, so it's sort of upbeat and depressing at the same time. The drums took me awhile to do because there's lots of panning and volume changes, but you're right about the snare that's playing on the offbeats. I think I might just turn the volume down on that a little bit. The guitars were kind of a last minute idea I had while listening to it, haha. They could be mixed a little bit better, though. I'm kind of surprised no one has said anything about that yet.

Fun fact: I actually used my delay pedal for this song...instead of using FL Delay.

Thanks for the listen/rate/review/criticism; always love reading it from you! :D

Thank you for this.

I am no musical artist as you are, so I can give no critical comments about your work - I apologize.

It is music like this that goes deep, its unforgettable. Its cools you off, its refreshing. Personally I find it enhances my clarity - I feel I am able to do things that normally I wouldent feel up to.

Much luck to you..
I sincerely hope you get to go to Japan again.

sculpted-cold responds:

You don't need to be a musician to find things in music that sound good or bad to you; don't let anyone tell you that. There's no need to apologize, man. I'm just happy you listened and left a review.

Does it also remind you of a better time? :P

Thanks a lot and I probably will be back in Japan sometime next year. :D


I started crying mid-way into the song... About two and a half minutes in. I don't even know why, I just did...it was that beautiful and haunting, and yes, very nostalgic. I feel all weak and girly now because I hate to cry... Hard to keep up a tough girl act, but this song truly was gorgeous and truly inspiring to the very end. I wish I could write a hugely long and in-depth review like Lance but I'm a bit lost for words right now... Thank you so much for making this. It's lovely.

sculpted-cold responds:

Wow, I didn't expect to read that! I'm glad this song evoked such emotion from someone. You don't need to write a long review to get your point across... Sometimes it only takes a few words (e.g. Siffur). :)

I should be the one thanking you for listening and reviewing, but you're very welcome! Thank you for listening and sharing your experience.


I don't know what to say man other than to say that was beautiful. I felt like my burdens disappeared and that everythin was right in the world. It feels like that my soul is purified from all my sins and guilt that may have held on to. It really is a beautiful and touching song. You got real talent and i wish you the best of luck man.


yo man its me sniperwolf ignore that last comment i posted awhile back this song right here helped me out so much heh i cant wait to show my gf this i find it so calm last summer when i was flying to my hometown in detroit i played this song and it took me away to a place where there's peace life and calm when i first heard this i was amazed yet my friends dont seem to like it yea what assholes but they will regret saying that when they become gf less lol but yea this is my calming music right here and thanks bro :)