Reviews for "Cayur - Better Days"

Thank you for this.

I am no musical artist as you are, so I can give no critical comments about your work - I apologize.

It is music like this that goes deep, its unforgettable. Its cools you off, its refreshing. Personally I find it enhances my clarity - I feel I am able to do things that normally I wouldent feel up to.

Much luck to you..
I sincerely hope you get to go to Japan again.

sculpted-cold responds:

You don't need to be a musician to find things in music that sound good or bad to you; don't let anyone tell you that. There's no need to apologize, man. I'm just happy you listened and left a review.

Does it also remind you of a better time? :P

Thanks a lot and I probably will be back in Japan sometime next year. :D


I had Better Days to

sculpted-cold responds:

I think we all have, friend. Hope this song reminds you of them.

Real smooth, really strikes a chord with me

On a completely personal level, I've been frustrated by the songs that have been on the front of the NGAP lately, the majority of them being poorly produced EDM tracks. I normally don't like the ambience here either, considering that it's mostly just a bunch of amateurs overloading overused FL pad presets and setting the tempo at 40. But this track here man is a GEM.

The pad texture that you use throughout is incredibly deep and warm, and the progression is soo beautiful. To me, it's a perfect soothing background once I get home from a hectic day of work like today. Sequence and buildup was handled really well. Great job with the percussion spacing and I like the combination of the shakers, hats, and jinglebells. some great spices in here. Some interesting polyrhythms in here, love the overlapping ideas and variating tempos on the top of the brilliant texture.

I was totally expecting some synth leads in here so when the guitars came it was quite unexpected, but totally refreshing. They added a real vibrance to compliment with the lush deep pads. The tone is perfect, it's crisp, yet not too sharp or drowned with reverbed that it grabs too much unnecessary attention, hut rather it fits the background like a glove.

Normally for a track like this I would say add a lead melody, but that would only detract from the track IMO. just let the textures and subtle bits do their job together to create some of the best ambience :) the only part I wasn't fond of was the xylophone or whatever tiny mallet percussion instrument you used, the melody didnt seem to gel with the backing textures so well. But on the third listen, I definetly appreciated it more. The instrument and melody it carries is a perfect spark to make me reminisce of my childhood moments, and can't we all agree that back then were the better days? ;)

sculpted-cold responds:

Holy crap, thank youuuu so much. I was having such a shitty day and I come back home to this well thought out review. You are awesome, my friend! Now if only I could think of something to respond with besides "thank you"...

I agree with you about the songs on the front page being "crap". Most of the music in the ambient section of the audio portal isn't even ambient, haha. Ah well...
To be completely honest, this song took me awhile to write. I wanted the listener's nostalgia factor to completely shoot through the roof, but at the same time I wanted to hint at what the song is really about. Hence the vibraphone with delay playing in the pentatonic scale to give the song a little oriental feel.

So as you've probably guessed by now, this song is about how much I miss the two weeks I spent in another country...Japan. When I came back to America, I felt really depressed and wanted to go back to Japan, so I wrote and recorded this song. But notice the samples I mixed into it:

"I've finally realized it... The true meaning of life..."
"You mustn't allow yourself to be chained to fate; to be ruled by your genes.
Humans can choose the type of life they want to live.
The important thing is that you choose life...and then live!"

-Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid 1)

I added those to remind myself I can always go back whenever I want to. I'm glad you found some joy out of this song and I hope more people do. Thank you so much for your kind words and awesome review! It means a lot to me...



i love it

This song is just amazing, takes away all the stress, so peaceful, im digging this a lot, keep up the good work.

sculpted-cold responds:

Thank you so much. :D

Beautiful Textures

This is one of those songs that catches your attention without having to throw a ton of stuff in front of your face. I love the underlying sounds you chose, although if I'm going to be honest, I could have done without some of the percussion. This is simply because the pads coupled with the guitar is so expressive that I'm losing some of that with the dry percussion in front of it. There was also this slight distorted sound coming from the opening pads that at first i thought was a mixing issue, but then realized it was part of the sound. I Loved It! Don't take it out. All in all, a winner,,,,,,, and a saved favorite for me :-). Keep it up with this kind of composing because you have a real talent for it.

sculpted-cold responds:

Excellent review!

Yeah, if I still had the master track I would definitely turn down some of the percussive effects. The fuzzy pad is starting to become part of my shtick, hehe. I'm glad you caught it. I actually just made a demo with this song on it...just to pass around work and campus, heh. Thank you for listening and I'm glad you received some enjoyment from listening! Also, thank you for adding the song to your favorites.

I'm going to listen to your stuff after I get home from work today.