Reviews for "Cayur - Better Days"

very sublime

wow, i really like this piece. very calming.

listen, this reminds me of a song I heard before; it has the same feeling, and what sounds like the beginning of this: the doors closing, that's what it sounds like to me.

ANYWAY...the song makes me feel like I did when I heard the other. It is called "Monochrome" by Yoko Kanno...probably one of THE best composers in all of Japan (in my opinion), but I'm just saying this song strongly reminds me of it, with its feeling....and without as much vocals. Great job!

sculpted-cold responds:

I love Yoko Kanno's work! I have all of the albums she did with The Seatbelts and most of the Ghost in the Shell OST. You might want to check out Kazumasa Hashimoto since you're into Yoko Kanno's stuff. His music is more "childish," but the compositions are astounding. Thank you for the review. :)


I don't know what to say man other than to say that was beautiful. I felt like my burdens disappeared and that everythin was right in the world. It feels like that my soul is purified from all my sins and guilt that may have held on to. It really is a beautiful and touching song. You got real talent and i wish you the best of luck man.

Wow thanks!

Thanks this song gust made my day better. Even though its 11:00! It still made it better. About half way thew the song i started to get the erg to smile. Then i noticed i was smiling and i gust taut when was the last time a song made me smile. You got talent and keep using in on these songs.

sculpted-cold responds:

Thanks, man. I'm happy to brighten anyone's day!


I started crying mid-way into the song... About two and a half minutes in. I don't even know why, I just did...it was that beautiful and haunting, and yes, very nostalgic. I feel all weak and girly now because I hate to cry... Hard to keep up a tough girl act, but this song truly was gorgeous and truly inspiring to the very end. I wish I could write a hugely long and in-depth review like Lance but I'm a bit lost for words right now... Thank you so much for making this. It's lovely.

sculpted-cold responds:

Wow, I didn't expect to read that! I'm glad this song evoked such emotion from someone. You don't need to write a long review to get your point across... Sometimes it only takes a few words (e.g. Siffur). :)

I should be the one thanking you for listening and reviewing, but you're very welcome! Thank you for listening and sharing your experience.


this is so smooth and calm and relaxing i could listen ti this all day.

sculpted-cold responds:

Well, I hope you do listen to it all day!