Reviews for "Cayur - Better Days"


Wow man, freakin awesome

sculpted-cold responds:

:D Thank you!


i waz feelin bit down,abit tense really, now i feel alittle more better. this song kinda feels calming

sculpted-cold responds:

I'm glad the song made you feel better! :)

Lol to the last review

Just because of the way your response tied in so nicely with it. Well anyway back to tpoic. This song was one of the best ambient tunes I have ever heard. It was like I was floating through space and slowly getting close to millions of stars... and then flying into them, gazing at nebulas and other beautiful sights.

This was fantastic, truly. The percussion was amazing. Nothing to change here. Simple is sometimes great.. and this is an example of great alright.

Respect. I am making a game, and I might use this. :)

sculpted-cold responds:

lawl, just doing my part.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm visualizing what you described and it does fit the music; never thought about the song like that before, heh. If you want to use this in a game, then do so by all means! Thanks for the review.


You have made my day.

sculpted-cold responds:

Happy to be of service! :D

Very very soothing

There is something about his song that is hypnotizing, yet calming.

sculpted-cold responds:

I paid Hypnotoad to do some background noises. :P