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Reviews for "The Conspiracy"


personally i think it sucked, the actual instument for the main part was quite annoying, and the percussion solos were pretty bad. though I'm not saying I'm better, this just sucked.

The next Mark Mothersbaugh

It's like General Boy has been summed up in a song. Not even the Mothersbaugh brothers could come up with something this fucked up.

SpinTolk responds:

I think it turned out ok though. But back then I wasn't really good at FL. I can't say I am good now, but at least I improved compared to then.


you had one good bit at the end, but for the rest there was no rhytm, no buildup, no nothing really, annoying out of sync melody. Keep trying, youll get there, just dont do things like this anymore :P


As a musician, I understand how music works. I've studied theory and all that crap. I'm sorry to say... but it just seemed like you weren't trying. You just kept repeating an irritating line of music. Switch it up. I advise you get a book on scales... and try figuring it out that way.

SpinTolk responds:

Music by Scheduleparty:
- none -
why won't you submit your audio to NG then?
and I did spend 2-3 hours on it, and I use a music program, it's not recorded if u think that