Reviews for "Time Of Your Life - Acoustic"


let's them fuck the song is great your cover is motherfucker.
fuck you!


i like it even when ur bad at guitar

pretty nice

It's a good song. I like this, though I have to agree with the other reviews that its a little fast. why not record it at a slower speed and upload it? Do you do vocals too?

Great job playing this. It's not perfect, but good none the less.

Damn dude

Have you only played guitar for like a month? It was way too fast, this is an emotional song, its meant to be played slowly, and you shouldent just submit the first try, do it over and over again till it dosent sound like total shit

animyst responds:

I've been playing for 8 years, granted, it sounds shit, but it was more of a test, so i'm not too bothered.


this was just crap, didnt even sound right